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Celebrity TV chef was a Millwall hooligan!

Celebrity chef, Gregg Wallace, admits that he was a Millwall hooligan!


Is it true that you were once matey with football hooligans when you were younger?
Yeah, I was brought up in Peckham and went to Millwall regularly. Some of my friends from school grew up to be hooligans. Millwall had a fierce reputation at the time, which was well deserved. They had a large percentage of people that were able to cause havoc! I got arrested for assault when I was 20.
Were there any occasions when you felt you were in real danger?
There was one dangerous situation at West Ham, where the police were escorting us in. Some Millwall fans broke away and I just ended up being stuck in no man's land: I was closer to the West Ham fans than the Millwall ones, so I just walked into the West Ham crowd and started chanting with them. Nobody batted an eyelid! But my Millwall days are long behind me. I was a product of my area. Police were making hundreds of arrests at every home game back then. Getting nicked was like a social pastime!
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